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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Students encouraged to attend FAFSA workshops, events

By Katie Land, news editor

It’s no secret that the cost of higher education can be a financial burden, however there are many opportunities available for students to receive aid and assistance.

All current and prospective college students are encouraged to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to see what aid they may be eligible for.

FAFSA is available to both undergraduate and graduate students, and offers consideration for nine federal student aid programs such as the Pell Grant and federal student loans, state aid programs, and OU financial need awards.

Oakland University offers a number of FAFSA workshops, designed to help high school seniors, transfer students, and current OU students wade through the forms.

During the workshop, students and parents will complete a 2013-2014 FAFSA with the guidance of a professional staff member from OU Student Financial Services.

Participants will receive an instructional handout regarding next steps in the financial aid process, as well as a selection of pertinent financial aid information and available tools helpful in understanding financial aid, according to Carrie Gilchrist, senior financial aid outreach advisor for OU’s Student Financial Services.

Gilchrist served up some important tips for students planning to attend a workshop or complete a FAFSA form.

Top five tips for students who attend a FAFSA workshop:

1. Register at oakland.edu/visit.
2. Review the checklist provided upon registration  
3. Ask questions!
4. Utilize the resources provided at the end of the workshop
5. Review and respond to communication from OU and the Federal Department of Education

Top five reasons why a student should fill out a FAFSA form:

1. Access to State of Michigan and Federal financial aid
2. Access to OU grants
3. Understand the resources available, even if the student does not choose to use them
4. Potential eligibility for grants, scholarships, and work-study
5. Access to financial aid resources available in an emergency situation

Additionally, Gilchrist will offer two Financial Aid information sessions to provide general financial aid information for any college or university a student attends.

These sessions provide information pertinent to high school seniors and parents not familiar with financial aid, along with all high school students, current OU students, and their families.

View the flyers for more information about a FAFSA information session or FAFSA workshop. For more information about financial aid at Oakland, view the website at oakland.edu/financialaid.

All current and prospective college students are encouraged to fill out the FAFSA form. Workshops and information sessions are available.

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