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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

State approves M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership program

Teacher Development and Educational Studies Department Chair, Bob Wiggins conducts a teacher leadership course.
Written by Kelli M. Titus

Oakland University provides a unique approach to educational studies by offering a state-approved Master of Education degree in Teacher Leadership.

Approval came from the Department of Education earlier this month, supporting OU's endeavor in preparing teacher leaders.

“What sets our OU program apart is that it was built collaboratively, from the ground up,” said Dr. Cynthia Carver, assistant professor of the Department of Organizational Leadership.

The M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership was co-developed by faculty at OU’s departments of Teacher Development and Education Studies and Organizational Leadership to develop a new generation of teachers, skilled and committed to transforming schools into leading learning communities. As a cohort-based program, all students begin at the same time while taking the same set of classes. A new cohort is expected to open on campus this fall.

“The program weaves together opportunities for enrolled teachers to develop as exemplary classroom teachers while simultaneously developing their leadership skill and influence,” Carver said.

Teacher leadership is widely viewed today as a strategy for leveraging school reform, improving student learning, and keeping teachers in the profession. Filling an array of formal and informal leadership roles and responsibilities – from department chair to school improvement coordinator, from instructional coach to new teacher mentor – teacher leaders are exercising influence to make a positive difference in their classrooms, schools, and the profession.

In Michigan, the campaign to revitalize teacher leadership promises to acknowledge and recognize teachers for their valued leadership in the classroom and beyond.

Key features of this dynamic program include: 

Flexible options:
  • One-year (15-credit) ”Advanced Professional Education” Certificate
  • Two-year (30-credit) M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership
  • Cohort-based model in which students move through the program as a group
  • Hybrid coursework that combines Saturday classes with online learning
  • Dual-emphasis on developing classroom expertise and leadership skill
  • Action research using school and classroom data to improve student learning
  • Encouragement and support to try formal and informal leadership roles
  • Personalized coaching as leadership responsibilities and influence expand
  • Commitment to making schools culturally relevant and supportive learning environments for all students 

Program trains a new generation of teachers, skilled and committed to transforming schools into leading learning communities.

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