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Monday, June 9, 2014

AASCU Update

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To:       AASCU Presidents, Chancellors and Government Relations staff

From:   Ed Elmendorf, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Policy Analysis
            Makese Motley, Assistant Director of Federal Relations and Policy Analysis
            Barmak Nassirian, Director of Federal Policy Analysis

Re:       Federal Update

Date:    5/28/2014

Gainful Employment

AASCU joined a large group of higher education associations in submitting comments on the Department of education’s proposed rule on gainful employment. In addition, AASCU submitted its own separate comments on the rule, whose comment period ended May 27. The Department of Education received more than nearly 2500 submissions in response to its gainful employment rule. It is widely expected that the Department will publish a final rule prior to November 1, which it must do for the regulation to go into effect by July 1, 2015.

Program Integrity and Improvement Negotiated Rulemaking

In November, the Department of Education announced a negotiated rulemaking committee to propose new regulations related to student aid programs and program integrity matters. This committee has been covering issues such as the use of campus debit cards, state authorization requirements for online programs, and the definition of credit standards for PLUS loan borrowers. Last week this panel failed to reach consensus on the overall package of proposed rules. This means that the Department of Education will have the discretion to develop new rules as they see fit.

The panel did find consensus on two issues related to PLUS loans. Under the Department’s proposal, delinquent debt of $2,085 or less would not disqualify borrowers from the program. This would be a substantial change from current rules under which borrowers with any amount of debt in collection or charged off on their credit histories within the preceding five years could be disqualified. In addition, language was proposed that would ally this limit to be adjusted up over time to account for changes to inflation.


AASCU expects there to be another push to get a vote on comprehensive immigration reform in mid-June. Recent comments by key Republican House leaders indicate that a vote on immigration reform is a realistic possibility. If you are interested in being involved in our immigration push please contact Makese Motley, Assistant Director of Federal Relations at motleym@aascu.org or at 202-478-4652.


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