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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Student Congress elections decide the 2014-15 campus leaders

By Eric Reikowski, Public Information Specialist

Oakland University students are encouraged to cast their ballots in the upcoming Student Congress elections and choose the president, vice president and legislators who will lead the student body during the 2014-2015 academic year.

The presidential ticket consists of three candidate pairs:


Along with the presidential hopefuls, 14 candidates are seeking the office of legislator. They are Matthew Light, Madison Kubinski, Victoria Franzo, Ellen Searle, Cassandra Hock, Andre Sykes, Jeffrey Schuett, Josh Pokrefky, Nathan Catey, Kyler Johnson, Nick Walter, Laina Townsend, Jeffrey Cox and Brandon Hanna.


Voting begins at midnight on Monday, March 24 and wraps up at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 26. Students can vote online at oakland.edu/voteou using their Net ID and password to log in. Polling stations will be open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. on voting days in the Oakland Center, Kresge Library, Campus Recreation Center and Vandenberg Hall.

Election results will be announced at noon on Friday, March 28 in the Oakland Center Fireside Lounge. For additional information on the OU Student Congress elections, call (248) 370-4290 or e-mail ousc@oakland.edu.

Meet the President and Vice President Candidates

Bria Ellis and Andrew Laux

The Ellis/Laux ticket seeks to create a more open environment on campus by supporting flexible attendance policies, open forums with students and faculty, and gender neutral floors in campus residence halls. They also want to improve campus parking access, increase free printing services for students and promote expansion of Varner Hall. Their platform is committed to establishing a more unified student body.

“As a ticket that emerges from both worlds of the student body, on-campus and commuter, we earnestly seek to bridge the gap between the two communities, generating greater involvement on campus and bringing forth new student leaders for the next generation.” – Ellis/Laux campaign

Annie Meinberg and Liz Iwanski

The Meinberg/Iwanski campaign is focused on the areas of campus/student life, academics and sustainability. They have pledged to address student parking and transportation needs, increase support for students who are struggling academically and introduce more eco-friendly initiatives on campus.

“Our campus is extensively diverse and all students should be represented. We hope to guide OU’s future in a direction that will most benefit the students while retaining realistic goals so as to best direct the efforts of Student Congress,” –Meinberg/Iwanski campaign

Andre Mitchell and Kate Bergel

The Mitchell/Bergel platform is built around several proposals such as implementing a rewards program to increase attendance at athletic events, creating an easily accessible student organization calendar and introducing a guest pass program in the Campus Recreation Center. Their agenda also includes lobbying for better access to technology in residence halls and more equitable pricing of meal plans.

“We wish to see more participation in campus activities, an increase in students’ utilization of the OUSC and an overall greater sense of Grizzly pride,” - Mitchell/Bergel campaign

Online voting begins at midnight on March 24.

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