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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Method of texting tips to OUPD is more immediate, reliable

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Method of texting tips to OUPD is more immediate, reliable
Capitalizing on a more efficient and reliable technology, public safety administrators are updating the means by which campus community members can text emergency messages to the Oakland University Police Department.

Until now, students, faculty and staff have been able to text to 911@oakland.edu, a method that utilizes an email-based delivery system.

Effective immediately, however, the OUPD is asking that text messages be sent using a strictly SMS text system provided through RAVE Mobile Safety, the university’s emergency text alert service provider.

Texts should be sent to MRAVE or 67283, and the body of messages must begin with OUPD followed by a space. Unless messages begin with these five characters, they will not be routed to university police.

Administrators encourage campus community members to save MRAVE or 67283 as a contact in their mobile devices. This will allow quick communication without the need to remember contact information during an emergency situation.

Except in situations in which a person may put himself or herself at risk by speaking, the OUPD prefers that campus community members call and speak with a dispatcher during emergencies. Conversations with police dispatchers allow officers to more appropriately and effectively respond to any given situation. The OUPD can be reached during an emergency by dialing 911 from a campus phone or dialing (248) 370-3333 from a cell phone.

During situations in which texting tips or reports is necessary, the OUPD recommends that senders delete any replies from the police department immediately after reading them. Campus community members should also be aware that the OUPD may not engage in continuous text exchanges depending on the circumstances of a particular emergency.

The text method of submitting tips and reports is not anonymous, but an anonymous tip option is available on the web. Campus community members can also continue to email messages to the OUPD from an internet browser using the911@oakland.edu address.

To learn more about Oakland’s comprehensive emergency preparedness plan, including appropriate campus community member responses to specific emergency situations, visit oakland.edu/prepared.

University public safety administrators appreciate the alertness and cooperation of everyone in the campus community, as it helps keep Oakland University a safe place to learn, work and visit.

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