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Monday, October 21, 2013

Alternative Spring Break Letter-Writing Campaign

Alternative Spring Break is a program that connects students to serving others around the nation for the duration of spring break. Oakland students learn about social justice, becoming an active citizen, and how to bring their learning home in order to bring change to their local communities. Oakland students are sent every February to different states to serve at a gamut of non-profits that focus on diverse needs like homelessness, the environment, and education equality. Adjusting back to a college campus after seeing hardship around the nation can often be challenging for students. That is why a letter from OU alumni can really help students transition back into a world much different from where they lived during spring break.

If you were a student who attended an alternative spring break, please think about writing a letter and sharing what you learned on your trip and how that learning made an impact on you. Even if you never attended an alternative spring break, the Center for Student Activities can still use your voice in a letter. Below are the guidelines for writing the letter:

1) Address the student as "Dear Alternative Spring Break Student(/s)":
2) The letter should be one page.
3) Incorporate words of encouragement for volunteering during spring break.
4) Provide insight on how volunteer work has led you to a certain path (career or continued volunteer work) and how volunteer work has made an impact on you.
5) Include a statement about encouraging the student/s to bring what they learned home and to continue volunteering through Oakland's Center for Student Activities or through a non-profit in the area.
6) Favorite quotes about service and volunteering are a great addition!
7) Please mail your letter to Oakland by February 10, 2014.

Mail to:
Oakland University
Center for Student Activities - Emily DeLano
49 Oakland Center
2200 N. Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4401

Email Emily DeLano with questions at delano@oakland.edu.

Students look up to you, our alumni. Your words are powerful.
Thank you for your time and for serving our undergraduate students!

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