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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OU faculty travel the world for research, academic work

Each summer, dozens of Oakland University faculty members collect their passports and data and disperse to more than 20 countries throughout the globe, conducting research, speaking at conferences, and taking students into the field.

"Our faculty enhance the academic reputation of the institution both nationally and internationally by presenting at conferences and by engaging in research around the globe," said Michelle Piskulich, associate provost. 

"Summer provides an extended time period for faculty to perform, consult, make presentations at conferences and conduct research in their field. Each trip informs a faculty member's research but also enriches the experiences of students in the classroom, as faculty bring new insights and expertise back to the university."

From classical theater in Greece and engineering in Puerto Rico, to psychology in Tokyo and international business in Istanbul, Oakland professors are travelling to locations as varied as their fields of study.

The purpose and funding for each trip is unique. A number of projects are part of ongoing research or creative work, while others are used to collect data to be analyzed throughout the year. Many professors find financial support for their trips through grants, awards, and scholarships.

Additionally, a number of faculty trips included student travellers, who were able to gain invaluable experience on a number of expeditions that include touring museums and historic sites, meeting with professionals in a variety of industries, and even providing hands-on fieldwork at locations across the world.

Find out where in the world Oakland professors are spending the summer at oakland.edu/summertravel.

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Find out where in the world OU professors are travelling this summer to conduct research, attend conferences, and take students into the field.

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