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Thursday, May 16, 2013

NEW BIS/Cooley Law School program uses law school coursework for OU bachelor's degree

Announcing BIS/Cooley Law School Three Plus One Degree Program


OU Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) students can now combine up to 24 credits of coursework from Cooley Law School as part of their OU bachelor’s degree in integrative studies. 


Students who qualify for this program see a BIS adviser, create a plan of study including the 24 Cooley Law credits, complete the BIS application questionnaire, and get admitted to both BIS and Cooley Law.  After 96 credits, students take  the BIS capstone course and then take 24 credits at Cooley that are transferred back as the completion of the bachelor’s degree in integrative studies (BIS). 

After completing requirements for the BIS degree, participating students will then embark on completing the remaining 66 credits for a J.D. from Cooley Law School.



Students interested in the new program should call the BIS office at 248-370-3229 to schedule an appointment with the OU BIS advisers to discuss the details, requirements, and law school application timeline. 

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