Oakland University
Monday, April 22, 2013

Advenovation Graduates to New Space

OU INC tenant client, Advenovation, has been busy making connections 
with other companies, as well as expanding their work space.

Located on Hamlin and Rochester Road in Rochester, Michigan,
Advenovation has acquired a 4,600 square foot space equipped with lab and office space.

During their year long tenancy at OU INC, Adil Shafi, Advenovation's CEO,
and his team have been working closely with OU INC. Their efforts are focused
on offering top quality opportunities for students to experience industrial robots
on an educational level.

In recent weeks, Advenovation has been providing their skills in alterized systems,
with an emphasis on 3D vision guided robotic bin picking, to Fanuc Robotics.

In coming months, Advenovation will be planning an open house for their supporters
and affiliates to explore their new space, as well as network with one another.
For more information about Advenovation visit www.advenovation.com.

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