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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Business Advisory Boards (January 2013 Newsletter)

One of the most successful and sought after services that Mac-OU INC provides to its clients is the custom-tailored Business Advisory Board (BAB). BAB's are individually designed to meet the immediate and long term needs of client companies by providing feedback from industry experts. A BAB may range from four to 12 members, with the primary purpose of providing advice and counsel to assist in the development and eventual commercialization of their product/service. Task lists or to-do lists are developed during BAB meetings; these lists serve as guidelines for the client and BAB to measure progress as well as address specific needs.

Mac-OU INC recently held BAB meetings for two of its newest clients. Golden Products & Services, LLC's BAB consisted of Arthur Scafe, Encore Automation; Mark Rupersburg, General Dynamics; Nathan Tallman, Metro Wire & Cable; and Bob Axtman, Visual Components. Smart Lighting Solutions, LLC's BAB included David Eberhard, Warner Norcross & Judd; James Ruma, Mac-OU INC Executive-in-Residence defense expert; Karen Milner, Spearhead Advisors; Spencer Silk, Franklin CIO Services; and Gary Giallonardo, Industrial Visions.

"The BAB was very intuitive about our situation and seemed to know exactly what problems we're likely to face. Their advice was to take a step back, make sure the direction we're going in is the most advantageous, and then focus our energies in the direction we decide to pursue. The BAB is definitely designed to push us forward in ways that we discover together" said Jim Fortune of Golden Products & Services, LLC.

Ralph Petty of Smart Lighting Solutions agreed with Jim's take on the BAB: "It was very informative and provided a fresh outlook of what our business is trying to achieve. One of the biggest assets was the open and honest dialogue provided by the board and to plan in detail a better business plan."

BAB members are chosen from a pool of subject matter experts consisting of approximately 50 volunteers from a wide variety of disciplines and industries.BAB's are a rewarding and valuable way for successful entrepreneurs and business professionals to give back. If you would like more information on our Business Advisory Boards please contact Stacey Frankovich at (586) 884-9320 or frankovi@oakland.edu.

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