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Friday, December 21, 2012

Elliotts give transformational gift to the Oakland University community

Hugh and Nancy Elliott, whose philanthropy has benefited Oakland University in many ways over the years, have made a new gift to enable the university to design and construct a 151-foot carillon tower as a centerpiece for the OU campus.

The Elliott Carillon Tower will be complemented by a water fountain, garden and landscaping, and is intended to become a rallying point for student and campus community activities.

“I wanted this bell tower to make a statement, to be a central focus on the campus,” said Nancy Elliott. “And, it had to be designed not just as something pretty, but so that students could use it, as a meeting place and somewhere they could gather.”

President Gary Russi said, “The Elliotts’ remarkable gift will certainly come to symbolize the pride our community has taken in what we’ve accomplished, as well as the promise of even greater success in the future.”

The Elliotts will provide input and guidance on the tower’s planning and design. For example, Nancy Elliott said her preference is for a design that blends traditional and contemporary elements.

“The new clock tower, with all the benefits it will bring to our campus, is a source of pride and excitement for all who are a part of Oakland University,” said OU student Jessica Drogowski, who serves as a student liaison to the Oakland Board of Trustees.

“Knowing that Oakland is part of a community that includes people like the Elliotts, who so generously support and dream with us, is the ultimate source of pride for me. My sincerest gratitude goes out to the Elliotts.”

For 15 years, the Elliotts have provided support for a variety of capital projects, scholarships and charitable functions at OU, including:
Hugh and Nancy Elliott share thoughts about their generous gift to the Oakland University community.
The Elliott’s philosophy on giving is simple, said Hugh Elliott. “When you give, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. I learned many years ago – and it’s true – that even if you give just a little bit, over time, it adds up.”

Eric Barritt, the university’s vice president for Development, Alumni and Community Engagement, added, “To quantify the impact of the Elliotts’ generosity to Oakland University over the years is likely impossible, as it has, without a doubt, helped countless students looking to improve their personal and professional lives through higher education.”

Design and construction timeline details for the carillon are expected to be developed over the coming months, and a groundbreaking ceremony is tentatively planned for the university’s Founders’ Day celebration in mid-April of 2013.
The Elliotts' tremendous generosity will enable the university to design and construct a 151-foot carillon tower as a centerpiece for the OU campus.

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