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Friday, November 30, 2012

Innovative 28 campaign keeps students on path to timely graduation

By Eric Reikowski, media relations assistant

The first year of college brings new surroundings, new friends and new challenges. Oakland University’s dedicated team of professionals understands those challenges and has developed many resources and programs designed to keep newly minted Golden Grizzlies on a firm path toward graduation. 

One of those initiatives is the “28” campaign, which is devoted to helping first-year students gain the 28 credits needed for sophomore standing. 

Students pursue this goal through a four-step process that starts with being assigned a specific adviser through the First Year Advising Center (FYAC). All first-year students are required to meet with their FYAC academic adviser at least once per semester and are encouraged to schedule additional appointments, especially when considering changing majors or experiencing academic difficulty.

For step two, students meet with their adviser during the winter semester to identify courses for their second year. The third step is focused on financial matters. Student Financial Services hosts workshops to assist students in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is available online for the following academic year starting Jan. 1.

Students successfully complete the process by achieving 28 credits by the end of their first year. They are encouraged to strive for a 3.0 GPA.

“We realize that college can be a difficult transition,” said Amy Jacovetti, coordinator of Orientation and New Student Programs. “That’s why programs like the ‘28’ campaign are in place to connect our students with the tools to help them stay on track.”

Program administrators have visited first-year writing classes to let students know about the campaign and the many benefits of achieving 28 credits. By reaching sophomore standing, students move one year closer to graduation and receive these opportunities:

  • Applying for student leadership positions
  • Registering for classes earlier for the next year
  • Getting closer to taking classes in their major
  • Becoming eligible to renew scholarships or qualify for new ones, such as the First Year Focus Award 
  • Being invited to a “Celebrate the 28” party in honor of their achievement.

For additional information, contact Orientation and New Student Programs at (248) 370-GOLD or gold@oakland.edu. Visit the “28” campaign website at oakland.edu/28

To see how real students benefit from the campaign, view the video below.

OU keeps Golden Grizzlies on target to graduation with the “28” campaign, which helps first-year students gain the 28 credits needed for sophomore standing.

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