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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Student Affairs - AUFD Highlight

2013 All-University Fund Drive (AUFD)

Student Affairs

Message from your Team Co-Captain
and Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Many of my OU colleagues know that I'm a practical person. As vice president, I try to put the precious resources of the university behind programs (and people) that are most likely to yield positive outcomes for our students. I follow that same philosophy in my personal life by choosing to donate to those institutions and services that have made my life, or that of a loved one, better

At Oakland, every day I see the tremendous impact that scholarships have on our ability to recruit and retain really bright and talented students. It's the rare family any more that doesn't need some financial help with the high cost of college. In my work, I also see the generosity of so many faculty and staff who want to help underfunded university programs do more for students. One example sticks in my mind of a longstanding OU faculty member who saw students in her classes who needed health care but had no insurance. She donated a significant amount of money to our student health center to ensure students receive the care needed that might make the difference in whether they stay in school or drop out. What better return on a personal contribution than to keep even one student in school (along with the 50 cents on the dollar match by the president)?

I hope every one of my colleagues across campus decides that this is the year to begin a habit of giving a little something to Oakland during the AUFD or to just increase by a small amount what they've traditionally given because they know it makes a difference in the lives of students. We'll feel good about the results of our collective efforts.

Mary Beth Snyder
Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Please Consider this Fund:

Fund Name Fund Purpose Fund Number
Student Affairs Gift Fund The Student Affairs division helps students to have the best possible experience. Donating to the Student Affairs Gift Fund will support and encourage students to be well-rounded on their college journey. 30032
Orientation Gift Fund Assists the Orientation and New Student Programs office to continue to recognize our student Orientation Group Leaders and their efforts in being ambassadors to our new students and future alumni. In addition, this fund recognizes all leadership efforts of all students at Oakland University. 34592
Orientation Group Leader Spirit Award The recipient of this esteemed award is someone who goes above and beyond in welcoming new students and assisting in their transition. In addition, the student leader who is the winner of this award is someone who is looked highly upon by their peers and promotes everything a student leader at Oakland University strives to accomplish. 31011
Disability Support Services Gift Fund To purchase items to accommodate student needs during their time at OU. For example items such as technology, assistive furniture and hearing devices are purchased with this fund. 30226
Health Center Uninsured Student Fund To help un-insured and under-insured students receive acute medical care 30004
Presidential Scholarships Funded through the International Students and Scholars office for campus cultural programming. 30030
Oakland Center Gift Fund Provide financial support and assistance for the Oakland Center 30039

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Goal           128%

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