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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Graduates and Seniors Beam to Honors College Freshmen!

College Freshmen in The Honors College at Oakland University had the benefit of meeting some of their senior colleagues in a unique session linking up the world, as part of the "Making Discoveries" Freshmen Colloquium.

Not only did students get to hear from their on-site peers, with visits too from recent graduates now working (or planning to work) in fields as diverse as nursing, international relations, engineering and publishing, but they also heard live via video from a recent graduate working on an education and schools development program in Israel!

Freshmen of the Honors Colleges also heard about study in Spain, Germany and in Senegal, as well as having the chance to talk to their peers about opportunities for advancing their work and careers, unique Honors College funding opportunities, and opportunities to excel and develop. 

This unique combination of experience and advice also had another side - the strong sense of community and ambition shared by the students, present and past, and that sense of community really came home in the wonderful responses of the freshmen audience. 

The Honors College plans many more events in the coming year, with the next international video link scheduled for 22 October, and the next two weeks including exciting visits from professors across Oakland.

This year's Honors College research interns join the The Honors College Council this coming month; and the new 2012-2013 Honors College Ambassadors are welcomed to their roles on October 15th.

Video link, global connections, discussions on futures and on how you can succeed in Honors Colleges

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