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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OU election experts provide analysis of the 2012 campaign

Three Oakland University faculty from the Political Science Department have launched initiatives this fall that will provide insight on the presidential campaign as well as other important contests in 2012. Professors Terri Towner, John Klemanski, and Dave Dulio will provide their thoughts on key events during the election season and analyze some of the dynamics important to the conduct and outcome of the most important races in 2012 through a new faculty blog and Twitter account. Topics will include polling data, debates, campaign finance, strategy, tactics and media coverage of the campaigns.   

The Twitter feed, @polisciOU, allows quick analysis of the daily dynamics of the political world.

The blog includes regular analysis of major happenings in campaigns around the nation.

 For general information about our political pundits, the main Elections Experts page can be found here.

Save this date!  After the election, on November 8, several on-campus organizations will join the Political Science Department in hosting its traditional Campaign Roundup event, featuring election experts from on and off campus. The event will serve as a way to debrief about the campaign.

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