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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Keys to achieving peace and harmony in settling an estate

This past July, the Office of Planned Giving hosted a Brunch & Learn on “Keys to Achieving Peace and Harmony in Settling an Estate.”  The ins and outs of settling an estate too often brings out the worst in people, and seminar attendees learned about potential issues, as well as pointers on how to deal with them. 

Presenter and attorney, Bob Kass, discussed the most common reasons families can fall apart while settling the estate of a loved one, and offered practical advice and guidance on how to proceed once a loved one has passed.  The seminar also focused on steps one should incorporate to avoid future problems for those in planning mode of their own estate.  One attendee found that Bob “had a wonderful way of simplifying a very complex topic.  I now know I should take advantage of the different estate planning benefits he discussed.” 

To hear about future events sponsored by the Office of Planned Giving and to read timely articles on tax and estate planning issues, check out oakland.edu/giftplanning and click on News and Events.

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