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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Join Oakland’s social fundraising campaign – Penny Pledge supports student scholarships

When it comes to fund raising, every organization is trying to find new ways to tap the power of the Internet and social media. Oakland University has taken a huge step forward with the first-ever penny pledge social fundraising campaign.

The OUAA Scholarship Penny Pledge is a giant social match. Alumni and friends sign up on line to pledge a penny per person. If 1,000 people join the campaign, then each person donates 1,000 pennies or $10. Since the idea is to grow the collective amount donated, each donor sets a personal maximum they are willing to give, but they only give that amount if enough other people join the pledge.

“We believe this is one of the easiest ways ever for any alumni to participate,” Starr Cornell, director of alumni engagement and annual giving said. “The campaign proceeds go to the OUAA Scholarship Program which provides scholarships to OU students.” Cornell added “the penny pledge also helps us engage with many more alumni, especially recent graduates, who can now afford to participate in a fund raiser.”

The Penny Pledge campaign begins now and lasts through June 29.

The Penny Pledge is the brainchild of Michigan startup, Kiindly.com, which was founded by four friends in 2011. Co-Founder Adam Valentine feels especially close to Oakland University having grown up in Rochester Hills. Both his father and sister are OU alumni.

“The penny pledge is the first social fund raiser that leverages the power of the group to make a difference,” Valentine said. “Most other fundraising technologies allow you to share a fundraising opportunity through social tools. The difference with Kiindly’s Penny Pledge is that the fund raiser itself is social and harnesses the power of a collective.”

Even though a small gift really helps, oftentimes it is not inspiring for the donor to give a small amount. The Penny Pledge changes that because every person and every penny truly does count. “We’re especially excited to make this opportunity available for all of our alumni to participate because even a $5 donation will make a difference by growing every other donor’s pledge by another penny,” Cornell said.

The OUAA Scholarship Penny Pledge runs through June 29. Watch your e-mail for more information about how you can participate and involve other alumni and friends in this ground-breaking effort to support student scholarships.

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