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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Important Registration Info - New Criminal Justice Major


Many of you have no doubt heard about the development of a Criminal Justice major here at OU. Professor Meehan and I are very excited to report that, pending the approval of the Board of Trustees and the State of Michigan, we are confident that the Criminal Justice major will be up and running beginning Fall 2012! For those who are interested, the full major requirements appear at the end of this message.

We have received questions from several students about how to proceed with registration for Fall 2012 and Winter 2013 courses.

As a general rule, we suggest that students who are more than halfway done with their current program stick with the Criminal Justice concentration, which will become the Criminal Justice minor. Alternatively, students who have not yet reached the halfway mark of their degree program should consider declaring a Criminal Justice major. 

We offer this advice so as to prevent students from unnecessarily prolonging their stay at OU when they are in close proximity to graduation. Realistically, given the nature of the current job market, we believe that switching majors after the halfway point – or declaring an additional CJ major – would offer diminishing returns, and we encourage students to save their money and be pragmatic about their matriculation.

That said, many students may wish to declare a CJ major. We are happy to report that numerous courses that will count for CJ credit are offered in the Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Winter 2013 semesters. All of these courses are currently listed under the SOC rubric, and many of them are 395 Special Topics courses. Beginning this coming fall, these courses will have a “CRJ” rather than “SOC” prefix and will have dedicated course numbers. For now, though, students wishing to take these classes should enroll in them as currently listed and await the conversion to the “CRJ” rubric at a later date.

To help facilitate students’ registration, below is a list of the courses offered in Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Winter 2013 semesters that will count toward the new CJ major. Students who are considering declaring a CJ major are encouraged to register for any of the following courses. (In addition to the courses listed below, students can also select any of the SOC 202 Research Methods or SOC 203 Statistics courses, which will be required as part of the CJ major program.)

Lastly, we will be holding an informational meeting about the new CJ major in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Professor Meehan (meehan@oakland.edu) or myself.

Dr. Burgess-Proctor

(Note: Courses denoted AFC are located at the Anton-Frankel Center in Macomb.)


SOC 300 Alcohol, Drugs & Society (33281) MWR 9:45a-11:50a (Burgess-Proctor)

SOC 240 Crime & Punishment (33319) MW 8:30a-11:50a (Macri) AFC
SOC 395 Law & the Changing Family (32204) MW 5:30p-8:50p  (Gould)
SOC 395 The Surveillance  Society (32203) TR 8:30a-11:50a (Meehan)

SOC 395 Profiling & Threat Assessment (32932) TR 1:00p-4:20p (Kennedy)

FALL 2012
SOC 240 Crime & Punishment (44002) T 5:30p-8:50p (Instructor)
SOC 240 Crime & Punishment (43993) TR 10:00a-11:47a (Meehan) AFC
SOC 300 Alcohol, Drugs & Society (43991) W 6:30-9:50p (Burgess-Proctor)
SOC 323 Juvenile Delinquency (43998) R 1:00p-4:20p (Instructor) AFC
SOC 395 Criminological Theory (43990) TR 1:00p-2:47p (Burgess-Proctor)
SOC 395 Homeland Security (44000) M 5:30p-8:50p (Kennedy) AFC

SOC 240 Crime & Punishment (13371) TR 8:00a-9:47a (Meehan)
SOC 300 Alcohol, Drugs & Society (12825) TR 1:00p-2:47p (Burgess-Proctor)
SOC 320 Law & Society (13827) TR 1:00p-2:47p (Deubel)
SOC 327 Police & Society (13368) T 1:00p-4:20p (Instructor) AFC
SOC 395 Criminological Theory (14243) TR 10:00a-11:47a (Burgess-Proctor)
SOC 395 Law & the Changing Family (13885) R 5:30-8:50p (Gould) AFC
SOC 395 Criminal Law Process (13874) R 5:30p-8:50p (Instructor) AFC
SOC 425 Corrections (13883) MW 3:30p-5:17p (Liedka)

In addition to the above-listed courses, the following departmental courses will count for interdisciplinary elective credit within the CJ major:

SOC 301 Social Stratification
SOC 326 Family & Community Processes
SOC 331 Race & Ethnic Relations

SOC 345 Urban Sociology
SOC 395 Substance Abuse Theory & Practice

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