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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wilson and Human Relations award nominations due Feb. 6

The nomination deadline is approaching for those interested in the Alfred G. and Matilda R. Wilson Awards, the most prestigious awards that Oakland University offers. Nominations for the Wilson Awards and the Human Relations Award must be returned by Monday, Feb. 6, to the Dean of Students Office in the Oakland Center, room 144.

The annual awards are bestowed on the top male and female undergraduate student who is a demonstrated scholar, leader and responsible citizen in the community.

Strong candidates will have made significant contributions to campus life and have expressed an interest in the social problems of society and the community. This includes extracurricular volunteer activities, student organizations and other social initiatives.

Students must have maintained a 3.5 grade point average and have completed their academic work in the summer or fall 2011 terms or will complete their academic work by winter 2012 to be eligible for nomination.

The awards have been given out annually since 1965, to honor the Wilson family who donated land and support to help found the university.

The annually presented Human Relations Award recognizes an Oakland graduate or graduating senior who has displayed significant leadership abilities towards advancing harmony within the university community.

A student who honors and promotes diversity between various cultures, race, gender and sexuality will be an excellent recipient. Their contributions may include conflict resolution within or among groups and an increased understanding of cultures, groups and nations.

The major consideration for the Human Relations Award is the individual’s service to the campus community. Nominees must have maintained an academic record of 2.5 to apply. Students may be nominated by peers, faculty or staff and may also self-nominate.

Last year’s honorees were Stephen S. Parker, who received the Alfred J. Wilson Award, Marta L. Bauer, who received the Matilda R. Wilson Award, and Jasmine I. Rudolph, who won the Human Relations Award.

All three students were graduating seniors and had built impressive academic, social and community-service based portfolios. The awards themselves are selected by a committee and require the approval of the vice president for academic affairs and the president.

To apply or to nominate a student, view the website for the Wilson Awards and the Human Relations Award. For more information, visit the Dean of Students website at oakland.edu/deanofstudents, or call the office at (248) 370-3352.
Nominations for the prestigious Alfred G. and Matilda R. Wilson Awards and Human Relations Award must be returned by Monday, Feb. 6.

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