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Friday, October 28, 2011

OU-INC to host symposium focusing on new technology, job creation

The Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association (MSSLA), in partnership with the OU INC Clean Energy Research Center and Michigan BlueGreen Alliance, issued an open invitation to leaders and companies throughout Michigan to participate in the 2011 MSSLA Annual Symposium.

As the focus on creating more sustainable and environmentally conscious forms of solid-state lightning intensifies in the state, it is vital that organizations continue working closely together to advance the industry and strongly position Michigan as a go-to state for research, development and manufacturing.

"Michigan companies have made tremendous advances in the solid-state lighting industry, and through these annual symposiums we are able to identify new opportunities and discuss challenges," said Dave Simon, president of the MSSLA.

"If we work collaboratively as an industry we have a great opportunity to be a key driver in building demand; policy development; and, more important, job creation in Michigan."

The meeting is scheduled from 1-5 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 10, at OU INC in Rochester, Mich. For a map and directions, visit oakland.edu/ouinc/map. Leaders and companies throughout Michigan with activity in solid-state lighting are invited to attend and learn more about MSSLA. To RSVP for the event, please go to MSSLA events to register for free admission.

Featured speakers and topics include:
The symposium also will include a panel discussion on creating jobs, policy and workforce development, followed by a strolling dinner, networking and the opportunity to tour the campus lighting projects. The full agenda can be viewed online.

"We need a jobs plan in America that makes us more energy independent and protects the environment," said Mark Schauer, national co-chair of the BlueGreen Alliance Jobs 21! campaign. "The BlueGreen Alliance supports the efforts of the MSSLA to develop energy-efficient solid-state lighting technologies that create 21st century jobs and provide long-term energy savings. This kind of innovation positions Michigan and the U.S. as leaders in the global economy."

Solid-state lighting refers to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as sources of illumination, rather than electrical filaments, plasma or gas. Benefits of solid-state lighting include an environmentally friendly design that is mercury-free, contains reusable parts and provides a long-term, energy-efficient source of light.

The MSSLA was formed by a collaborative effort with Michigan-based corporations, universities and state agencies engaged in manufacturing, research or development of solid-state lighting products. Its mission is to help ensure that Michigan becomes a global leader in solid-state lighting manufacturing, research and development through knowledge-sharing, education and public-policy advocacy.
The Michigan Solid-State Lighting Association's Annual Symposium is geared to help advance solid-state lighting industry in Michigan

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