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Monday, August 29, 2011

Unique training partnership to enhance research at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland

Rochester, Mich. – Oakland University and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland have forged a mutually rewarding partnership that promises to enhance local health care services, health education and the overall quality of life in Oakland County.

As part of this groundbreaking joint venture, research experts from both the university and the hospital will provide training to scores of St. Joseph Mercy Oakland doctors, nurses, residents and medical students.

"We are honored to align with Oakland University for this important program," said Dr. Donald Bignotti, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland's chief medical officer and vice president of medical affairs.

"This partnership will provide St. Joseph Mercy Oakland and Oakland University with an opportunity to share expertise that will be beneficial in the long run to both institutions."

Over the next six months, participants will study current theory and practice relative to evaluating medical literature and writing grant proposals to support new research.

While the hospital's health care staff will gain knowledge and experience likely to improve the care local patients receive, Oakland's faculty educators will gain valuable new insight and inspiration from professionals working in the field.

"Faculty members will be teaching students what they actively practice in their own research. They will convey real world examples and become familiar with the needs and concerns of the medical community at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland," said Ferman Chavez, associate professor of chemistry at OU.

"These workshops will help hone the skills of faculty in how they communicate with medical personnel and may lead to collaborations or student recruitment for their own research projects."

Development of this unique partnership represents the first major initiative of Oakland University's new Office of Strategic Programs. Through its Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) program, it aspires to help businesses and community organizations set ambitious goals and reach new levels of success and prosperity.

"We're working hard to let people know that Oakland's talented pool of faculty and staff represent a tremendous resource for the broader community," said Adrienne Bass, director of the Office of Strategic Programs.

"The PACE program allows us to create high-quality, customized programs that businesses and non-profit organizations can use to improve employee skills, expand operational resources and enhance overall effectiveness and impact."

Training as part of the Oakland University and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland initiative began on Saturday, Aug. 27. Bass said that based on the community need and the response to PACE, she anticipates many educational and community partnerships will be created in the future.

To learn more about Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) opportunities offered through the Office of Strategic Programs, visit its website at www.oakland.edu/pace.
Rochester, Mich. – Oakland University and St. Joseph Mercy Oakland have forged a mutually rewarding partnership

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