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Friday, August 5, 2011

School of Nursing to offer new vegan diet course this fall

Veganism is often a misunderstood lifestyle choice. While some still view it as "new age," researchers are finding evidence that following a balanced vegan diet boasts a host of health benefits while preventing major diseases such as most cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes.

This fall, Oakland University School of Nursing will offer the new professional development course "A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet." The seven-week, online course will start in September and will offer a unique self-study module each week.

The course is not just for nurses or Oakland students. Anyone interested in learning about this culinary alternative to improving diet and lifestyle can register. Participants will learn how a vegan diet offers a well-balanced approach that offers benefits beyond the prevention of chronic illnesses that are often caused by poor choices in diet and lifestyles.

Additional benefits include weight reduction, increased energy levels and better health. Oakland University Instructor Marilyn Mouradjian, MSN, RN, is a practicing vegan who has long incorporated the benefits of the vegan diet in her nutrition courses.

"Our culture relies heavily on pharmaceuticals that often have serious side effects, which can prompt additional medication use to reduce those side effects. The vegan diet scientifically addresses the prevention and reversal of many chronic health conditions," Mouradjian said.

Those enrolled in the course will enjoy a tasty approach to a wide variety of foods and menus that can eliminate the need for reliance on drugs as well. Instruction is designed to broaden individuals' dietary repertoires rather than restrict them.

Mouradjian said, "The vegan diet has the potential to extend an individual's health while making delicious choices in their food selections. There will be wonderful recipes for students, like a French silk tofu pie."

For more information about the course or registration, visit oakland.edu/pace or e-mail to mouradji@oakland.edu.
This fall, OU's School of Nursing will offer a new seven-week, online course, called "A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet."

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