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Thursday, July 7, 2011

SEHS' Leadership Team

Dean Gallien relies on his team in the Dean’s Office to surpass the School's goals and raise funds for SEHS programs, centers and new initiatives. 
The five initiatives are Global Education, Urban Education, Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity, E-Learning and Art Infused Curriculum. Each of these initiatives will be highlighted in upcoming e-newsletters. New members of the team include Mary Stein, Ph.D., associate dean; James Cipielewski, Ph.D., interim associate dean; and David Tindall, M.A., L.P.C., director of development.

  Mary Stein has been teaching science education courses in the Teacher Development and Educational Studies department at Oakland University for more than 12 years. Stein received OU’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2003 and was selected by the Board of the Michigan Science Teachers Association as the 2010 College Science Teacher of the Year. Throughout her 12 years in the SEHS, Stein has collaborated with colleagues in different departments to conduct research and deliver courses in OU’s International Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate. Stein’s strong work ethic and knowledge of the University and School culture made her a perfect fit to be an associate dean.
James Cipielewski has been a part of Oakland University since 1966, when he joined Oakland as a freshman pursuing an education degree. Cipielewski earned his master’s degree and Ph.D. at OU as well, and joined OU faculty in 1994. Cipielewski is involved in the Institutional Review Board for OU, is an Associate Professor and was the Reading and Language Arts department chair.  Cipielewski also works with Linda Pavonetti, Associate Professor, on the Art From Children’s Books display on the third floor of Pawley Hall. Cipielewski’s leadership roles with the university and his selfless attitude to always help made him an obvious choice to join the dean’s office as associate dean. 

David Tindall is the new Director of Development for the School. Tindall comes to the School from OU’s Housing department and is very familiar with the SEHS. Tindall earned his master’s degree in counseling and is currently working towards his Ph.D. in educational leadership. Tindall worked as an Academic Adviser in the SEHS before his role as Assistant Director of Residence Life. Tindall’s eight years in the university and firsthand experience as a student in the School make him an excellent candidate for the School’s development team. 

Stein, Cipielewski and Tindall are familiar with the SEHS, and their knowledge of the School will be instrumental in their new roles in the Dean’s Office. Dean Gallien says of the three additions to the Dean’s Office, "One of a new Dean's most important tasks is to ensure the efficiency and responsiveness of the Dean's Office staff. With the appointment of these three well-qualified members of the Dean's Office, I will be able to spend more time next year soliciting funding for all of the important projects that have been identified via the long-range planning process and task-force initiatives and guidance. The skill sets that Mary, Jim and David bring to these critical roles in the SEHS will allow us to run our office more responsively and cooperatively. Each one is supervising all aspects of the office and will be working closely with me on a daily basis in order for our School to attain its goals and potential. I am very excited about the future now that they are on board."

If you would like a tour of Pawley Hall or have a question for the Dean’s Office, please email us at sehs@oakland.edu.

The Dean's Office in the School of Education and Human Services has three new members to the team.

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