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Thursday, May 12, 2011

CSE department chair earns leadership award from ACE Network

By Dan Bodene, contributing writer

Fatma Mili, Ph.D., chair of Oakland University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering, has received the 2011 Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award from the Michigan American Council on Education (ACE) Network.

It is the first time a member of the OU community has received the award, which recognizes significant contributions made by women at Michigan's colleges and universities and in their communities. The award was first presented in 2001.

“Receiving this award speaks volumes about the people I work with at OU and the level of support I have received throughout my career here,” said Dr. Mili. “I am very grateful for the many colleagues – women and men – who generously lent their support to the nomination and wrote enthusiastic endorsements. Last, but not least, I am thankful for the very competent administrative staff who serve the university and make our lives much easier and much more pleasant.”

Formed in 1978, the Michigan ACE Network is committed to identifying, developing, advancing and supporting the retention of women in higher education throughout the state.

“It is really a great honor for me to be associated with such an organization as the Michigan ACE Network for Women Leaders in Higher Education,” said Dr. Mili. “I am a staunch believer in its mission and an admirer of the dedicated and talented women leading it.”

Dr. Mili’s specialties in teaching and research include database and design support systems, formal methods, program verification and software engineering.

In nominating Dr. Mili for the award, OU President Gary D. Russi noted, "Dr. Mili is extremely passionate about the contributions that women have made to science and engineering, and she goes above and beyond to ensure that they are acknowledged for the work that they do and for their accomplishments. She is recognized globally for her extraordinary advocacy efforts on behalf of women, and has worn many hats internally and externally to ensure that women receive the leadership, support and resources to help them in their efforts to be successful in their chosen profession."

In supporting Dr. Mili’s nomination, OU’s Chief Information Officer, Theresa Rowe, wrote, “I have worked with Dr. Mili in her roles as professor, interim associate dean and now department chair. She is an outstanding role model for women engineers and very talented in her field of study. Her leadership style is open, transparent, communicative and focused. She is highly committed to quality educational programs. She consistently encourages those around her to achieve the highest quality outcomes.”

Dr. Mili will receive the award at the ACE Network’s annual conference on Tuesday, June 7 in East Lansing.

“Given the number of strong, accomplished women at OU, we should work on nominating and supporting women faculty and administrators every year,” she said.

Information on OU’s Computer Science and Engineering department is available at theCSE website. For more on the Michigan ACE Network, visit the group’s website.
OU's Fatma Mili has received the 2011 Distinguished Woman in Higher Education Leadership Award from the Michigan American Council on Education Network.

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