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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OU Students Study in Europe This Summer Thanks to Stanley Hollingsworth

Stanley Hollingsworth taught composition and theory at Oakland University from 1976-1993. After his retirement as Professor Emeritus, he returned from time to time to teach a particular course or to work with composition students.

Dr. Lettie Alston, Associate Professor of Music at OU and Stanley's colleague and friend, recalls, “Stanley was a rigorous but generous teacher and mentor. A number of talented students benefited from his efforts to broaden their horizons, whether by purchasing them season tickets to the opera, engaging professional musicians to perform their compositions, or sending them abroad to study for a semester or a summer.”

As a young man, Professor Hollingsworth was the recipient of several important awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, and he well understood how richly a wide range of experiences can inform a young musician’s growth. When he died in 2003 he made provision for a fund that would allow students at Oakland to continue to benefit from his generosity. This year five students have received awards from the Hollingsworth Fund.

Erik Dewar will receive funding for three weeks at the Dartington International Summer Program in Devon, England, where he says he “will participate in a variety of summer courses involving choir, chamber choir, voice lessons, and potentially some composing courses. There are also campus concerts every evening. I am very excited to visit another part of the world to learn more about music and enjoy the experiences that will be offered! I am hoping that this trip will help improve, enrich, and inspire my musical career!”

Suzanne Grogan will receive funding to attend the Bel Canto Institute Summer Program in Florence, Italy from June 27 until July 29. She says, “This opportunity is a chance of a lifetime, and I am beyond excited. This trip is vital to my career development as a vocalist. What better place to learn the style than where it came from? I can't wait to emerge with other singers from across the country to see where I stand with others like myself. I hope to make contacts with the instructors I'll work with this summer for my future professional career. Singing in Italy is a dream come true, and I can't thank the music department here at Oakland University enough for their continuous support.”

Laura Palmieri will receive funding to attend the International Harp Master Academy in Bern, Switzerland from July 31 until August 7 and will participate every day in seven hours of intense masterclasses, lessons, and workshops. There will also be discussions, recitals, and a grand finale performance. Laura says, “Only about 19 harpists from all over the world get the incredible opportunity to be at this program. My teachers will include Ms. Skaila Kanga, who is Head of Harp Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. [This] is truly a musical dream come true for me and I know will be an unforgettable learning experience that I will forever cherish. [It] means a lot to me because I can now learn and share experiences with young harpists … who share similar goals. It's not easy to find people who play the harp since we are so few in number. I am so excited for this opportunity to make new friends with very talented harpists from all over the world!”

Jane Hines will receive funding to attend the Dartington International Summer Camp in Devon, England for three weeks. While there, Jane intends to take classes in piano, harpsichord, and fortepiano, as well as sing in the choir. Jane is a pianist working towards a BA in Music.

Kevin Naeve will receive funding for the Zoll Institute for Conductors Workshop in Bacau, Romania, where he will attend from June 11 until June 25. Kevin is a graduate student, working towards a MM in the conducting program. He is especially interested in working with Maestro Robert Gutter and gaining more experience with the Musin conducting technique.

To learn more about Stanley Hollingsworth, visit http://www.composers21.com/compdocs/hollings.htm

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In the photo: from the left, Stanley Hollingsworth, Karl Boelter, Lettie Alston, and Keith Claeys in 1997. 

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