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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tau Sigma connects transfer students to campus life

By Melissa Sochaki, student writer

As an institution that attracts a high volume of transfer students, Oakland University offers a vast number of programs and organizations designed to help ease the transition.

One such organization is Tau Sigma, a national organization designed to help transfer students become connected on campus.

“As a group, we are committed to community outreach through service projects, as well as creating a welcoming and friendly environment for transfer students," said Pamela Kellet, faculty advisor for Tau Sigma. "We have had members participate in the Tara Grant memorial walk in September as well as the Suicide Prevention walk this October.”

The group kicked off in the fall 2009 semester with a number of students with a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher. Tau Sigma's 25 members have transferred from many colleges throughout the state and are now making their presence known in the campus community.

The organization recruits by compiling a list of possible candidates and inviting those qualifying to a meeting in November.

As it looks to create a larger prescence on campus, Tau Sigma is looking to host its own events such as a suicide prevention walk to campus. Many students participated in an off campus walk this October, and are interested in bringing its ideas to OU.

“The walk gave students a broader understanding of the issue and it’s relevance to their lives, which is why we are exploring bringing one to our campus,” said Kellet.

For more information about Tau Sigma and other student organizations, please visit the Center for Student Activities website at oakland.edu/csa.
Tau Sigma is a national student organization at OU, designed to help transfer students become connected on campus.

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