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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lean Learning Cooperative prepares students for future careers

By Melissa Sochaki, student writer

Oakland University welcomed a new student organization to campus this fall. The Lean Learning Cooperative (LLC) is a group designed to teach students about the lean principles and tools used to create a continuously improving business culture.

Students in this organization learn about the concept of lean thinking and how to apply it in a business setting to help in their future careers. The organization is focused on training students, connecting with lean professionals and securing valuable internships.  

“A lean business is one where there is alignment between goals and objectives from the very top to the very bottom of an organization,” said Amanda Benjamin, the site administrator for the Pawley Lean Institute. “Each individual knows how they affect the goals and how they impact the customer.”

In a lean culture, all employees are involved in continuous improvement, which empowers them and keeps them engaged.

“The really great thing about this program is that it is cross-disciplinary and complements all industries and students with a variety of majors,” said Benjamin.

Students are able to take an undergraduate class at OU that can qualify as a general education requirement for Knowledge Applications, which is listed under human resource development in the student catalog.

Many students have secured internships with lean companies, while others have achieved their Bachelor’s of Integrative Studies degrees focusing on the lean perspective.

The Lean Learning Cooperative is open to any and all Oakland students and if interested, they should contact Matt Szczesiul at mszczesi@oakland.edu.
OU's new Lean Learning Cooperative student organization teaches students about lean principles and tools used in many businesses.

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