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Friday, September 24, 2010

Krista's Corner

Welcome to our first issue of News To KnowThis is a quarterly newsletter designed to provide helpful information to M2O students. News To Know wants to make things easier on you! If the information you need is not included or if you have any suggestions please e-mail me. My name is Krista VanSteenkiste and I am the editor of News To Know. "Krista's Corner" is what you want to read to find out what is happening at both campuses. The top news stories, fun events, and important dates can all be found here. 

On Oakland's campus is started out with Welcome Week. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the fun! The Ice Cream Social is always my favorite, don't get me started on those sundaes. If you were unable to enjoy the fun at Welcome Week, don't you worry there is more fun to come. October 11-15 is Week of Champions @ Oakland University or WOCOU for short. It starts out with a splash; well, actually, it's a Birthday Bash! Matilda Wilson the generous donor of her 1,500 acre estate, its buildings and $2 million to Oakland University, would be 127 if she were alive today. This party is one you will not want to miss! Meet in Pioneer Court from Noon-1 p.m. Now it's time to warm up your voice, get out your dancing shoes, or get your rabbit and hat ready! The SPB:WOCOU Talent Show will be on October 12 in the Meadow Brook Theatre from 8-11pm. OU is filled with very talented students so even if you have some stage fright, like me, be sure to be one of the audience members. WOCOU also has a specific day to help you explore different career options, this will be taking place at 121 North Foundation Hall. If you are still deciding on a major or considering changing your major, clear your calenders for October 14 from noon to 1pm. What a better way to end the Week of Champions than with a little laughter. Friday, October 15 be sure to come out to Residence Halls Programming: Friday Night Live featuring NBC Universal's "Stand-Up for Diversity" Comedy Tour with Kevin Shea and Erik Rivera. Visit OU's website for more information regarding WOCOU. October 15 is OU Grizz Madnezz. What is this madness you ask? It is the kick off for OU's Basketball Season. Oakland Unversity has an awesome basketball team with a great track record so be sure to attend at least one game this season. Check out their schedule! November 11 is Veteran's Day Rememberance in the Fireside Lounge from noon-1pm. Take some time to relax and eat lots of turkey from November 25-28 because its your Thanksgiving Recess. December 3 is ISSO: Coffee Hour from 4-7pm in Banquet Room A. You may need some coffee to help you stay up to study for exams December 6-11.

Oakland isn't the only one with all the fun. Macomb Community College has lots of fun events for you to attend. On October 15 you can take a trip to Blake's Cider Mill. They have the best caramel apples and donuts plus its a great way to spend a fall day. If you're looking for a way to give back you should attend the Volunteer Event-Make a Difference Day on October 23. And since Twlight is such a big deal these days I should mention that Macomb will be showing Eclipse October 25-28. What better way to celebrate Halloween than Monster Masquerade on October 28. Since you are in college I know that all of you are old enough to vote. If you're not a registered voter yet be sure to register before Election Day on November 2, 2010. If you like getting great deals and learning a little bit about the German culture then sign up to go to Frankenmuth & Birch Run November 5. Macomb gets a couple extra days off for Thanksgiving Recess, no classes November 23-28Macomb Community College has two events to help you prepare for finals. Lunch and Learn-Stress Relief on December 1 and Finals Frenzy December 8-9. After finals you can enjoy Holiday Reccess until January 10, 2011 when the winter semester starts.

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