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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Student health insurance registration available until Sept. 23

Oakland University students who don’t have access to a family- or work-provided health insurance plan will once again have an opportunity to obtain affordable coverage through Graham Health Center.

Students can enroll in a plan that provides coverage both on and off campus, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. In addition to covering illness and injuries, the policy stresses maintenance of good health through preventative care.

Nancy Jansen, a nurse practitioner and director of Graham Health Center, strongly encourages students to obtain some form of coverage, because the cost of treating even minor injuries or illness can become a significant financial burden.

The average cost of an emergency room visit, for example, is about $1,000. An outpatient surgery, such as an appendix or gall bladder removal, can add up to $5,000 or more.

“With their studies and other responsibilities like work and family, the last thing students should be worrying about is the lack of health insurance,” Jansen said. “This is a low-cost option that can relieve them of that worry.”

The policy, offered through Maksin Management, is available to all enrolled students regardless of whether they live on campus, on their own or with their parents.

In addition to other benefits, the plan covers office visits to Graham Health Center with $15 copay, pays up to $50,000 per illness or injury, and offers a 24-hour nurse hotline. Even students with pre-existing conditions are covered for treatments provided at Graham Health Center.

The cost can be prorated per semester and optional coverage can be purchased for spouses and children. The cost for an individual student is $452 per semester or $1,356 annually. A separate, lower-cost plan is available for international students, though they, too, are eligible to enroll in the domestic student plan.

The enrollment deadline is Thursday, Sept. 23. For more information, visit the Graham Health Center insurance plan site or The Maksin Group’s Oakland University policy site. Those with further questions can call the GHC at (248) 370-2341.
OU students without a health insurance plan can obtain affordable coverage through Graham Health Center. Register for fall 2010 by Thursday, Sept. 23.

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