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Monday, June 21, 2010

Congratulations!!! to AUVSI Unnamed Aerial System Group for making another success at AUVSI held at Maryland last week

Congratulations!!! to OU's Unmanned Aerial Systems Group for getting 
remarkable success AUVSI held at Maryland last week. It was a great
event and we had awesome success. The OU quadrotor has again stood out
among the mostly commercial/hobby vehicles. This time, we flew for
about 7 minutes at over 400 ft and performed autonomous waypoint
navigation, autonomous takeoff, and target search... a first for
quadrotors. We have won a prize of $2,700 for our performance.

There were 24 teams and North Carolina State (NCU) was the overall
winner this year. We placed in the middle of the pack due to corrupt
video files on our onboard HD video camera, which prevented us from
identifying targets. Nevertheless, we placed ahead of schools such as
Cornell, UCLA,  Cal Poly, VCU, and Rutgers and we are very proud of
the performance of our unique and completely in-house built autonomous
vehicle. The team and OU have received a lot of admiration and

A more complete story is in this YouTube video that we put together
(in a hurry):  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyxF01dZsaY

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