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Thursday, February 18, 2010

ARC provides support to students "redeciding" on their major

By Eric Reikowski, media relations assistant

Oakland University’s Advising Resource Center (ARC) is known for the valuable services it provides to students who are undecided on a major. But ARC is also equipped to help another group of students—those who are “re-deciding” on their field of study.

Students who choose a major and come to reconsider their decision can visit the ARC, where professional staff members will be able to assist them in discovering a more suitable academic path.

A variety of major exploration and career counseling services are offered free of charge, including individual and group-oriented sessions.

One-on-one career counseling and advising sessions allow students to sit down with a professional career counselor to take career assessments, discuss career opportunities and discover ways to research different majors and careers.

In addition, students can participate in interactive major and career exploration workshops designed to help match their interests, values and personality traits to specific career fields.

ARC staff can help undecided or re-deciding students with their academic planning. To make an appointment with a career counselor, students should contact the ARC at (248) 370-3227. Students can also register for group counseling and workshops at the CLAW Web site.

OU's Advising Resource Center is well equipped to help students who are “re-deciding” on their field of study.

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