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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Meadow Brook Ball Committee prepares a night of elegance

By Amanda Benjamin, student writer

Student organizers work to prepare the Meadow Brook Ball each year in January.
A night of elegance at Meadow Brook Hall is brought to Oakland University students by the Meadowbrook Ball Committee.

“The committee is in charge of planning the ball at Meadow Brook Hall,” said Heather Koontz, committee president and a senior economics major. “My favorite experience was being able to decide about the entertainment,” Koontz said.

“It’s our oldest tradition,” said Jean Ann Miller, director of the Center for Student Activities (CSA). “We show off a great treasure of the university by having it at the mansion. The themes are wonderful,” Miller said. “And the students can pull that theme throughout the night.”

The Meadow Brook Ball always has a theme, which the committee members decide on at the beginning of each school year and decorate The Hall based on the theme. Last year, the theme was "Simply Enchanted: A Night of Endless Dreams" and the entertainment included a palm reader, body painter, caricature artist, DJ and living statue.

According to Miller, attendants are not obligated to have a date, and some student organizations go as groups, such as Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, who saw more than 70 members attend one year. Couples have gotten engaged at the ball before.

“Everybody just has a good time,” Miller said.

The Meadow Brook Ball used to happen once a semester, but it is now offered only in the winter semester to leave enough time for planning and organization and to keep the demand high. “It’s the most popular ticket,” Miller said. “It’s in high demand just to be able to get one.”

Tickets have sold out in just one day for the last couple of years, she continued. Miller also noted that putting on the ball is expensive, but the ticket prices are kept low.

The committee is currently looking for new members. Koontz plans to expand the responsibilities of members and make them a greater part of the planning process. “I just really hope to get people involved,” Koontz said. “I really hope to recruit more dedicated members.”

Koontz said that people should join the committee for a variety of reasons. “Many people join because it’s a fun experience, they are able to meet new people, and have a say in the biggest event on campus.”

Anyone can join, and all students are invited to bring their ideas as well as their individuality and personality into the committee. Each year is unique and student-driven. 

“Everyone needs to go to the Meadow Brook Ball at least once,” Miller said. “I went to the Meadow Brook Ball when I was a student at Oakland University, and I remember it as a pretty spectacular evening.”

The ball takes place at the end of January 2010, and tickets generally go on sale after the Thanksgiving holiday at the CSA Service Window. For more information, visit the CSA office or Web site at oakland.edu/csa.
A night of elegance at Meadowbrook Hall is brought to Oakland University students by the Meadow Brook Ball Committee every January.

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