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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fall 2009 Bill Due Date Extended!

The fall 2009 bill due date has been extended from September 24 to October 8. This was reflected on the bill for fall semester.

Due to the extension of the fall bill due date, the remaining fall installment due dates have been extended to October 8 (not applicable to the down payment plan), October 31, December 1, and December 14, 2009.

Payment plan installments may intermittently show a late status because we are unable to change the installment due dates on the payment plans. Late payment penalties on missed installments will be assessed after the new due dates of October 8, October 31, December 1 and December 14, 2009.

If you have scheduled your installments or regular payment to pay on the original due date(s), you can login to eBill and reschedule your payments to the new bill due date(s). In eBill, go to the Payments tab and click the pencil icon next to each pending payment to change the payment date.

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